Plumeria Care

If you are purchasing a Plumeria plant from Big Island Plumeria, it will be shipped to you  with roots.   The Department of Agriculture has many rules regarding the import of live plants. The laws of importing plants vary from state to state. In addition to the Department of Agriculture laws, it is less stressful on the Plumeria to ship without soil and leaves, as well as the savings on the cost of shipping thru the US Postal Service. Our plants are always individually, carefully wrapped and packaged with damp sphagnum moss to ensure freshness upon arrival.

Once you have received your Plumeria plant, we suggest that you remove the damp moss and plant your seedling or rooted cutting in a soil mixture with good drainage.  At Big Island Plumeria, we use a 50%/50% mix of  Potting Soil and Perilite. Some plumeria growers prefer a cactus soil instead. Whichever method you choose, it is important that the plant has good drainage at all times.

Plumeria is a tropical plant, and optimum temperatures for a healthy, productive plant range between 60-85 degrees.  Depending upon your climate, Plumeria can bloom between March to November.  In Florida, we have plants blooming in January due to our year-round tropical climate.

There is a dormancy period during Winter months for all plumeria.  Do not be alarmed when your plant begins to lose its leaves sometime in the Fall of each year. This is normal, and your plant is preparing to sleep for Winter.  We recommend that you protect your plumeria from temperatures that drop below 40-45 degrees. If possible, bring it inside, store it for the Winter and keep it warm.  Watering is generally not recommended during dormancy.

When Spring arrives (when evening temperatures are averaging about 60 degrees,) it is then safe to bring your plant out of dormancy, give it some fresh soil, a thorough watering and fertilizer.  Place in a sunny location that receives approximately 6 hours of full sun per day.  Plumeria plants must have an ample amount of sun in order to produce the fragrant, beautiful blooms.

It is the fragrant, beautiful blooms that inspired our “Passion for Plumeria”, and we hope that it will inspire you too!